if you get the chance, take it. if it changes your life, let it.

Monday, July 4, 2011

new beginnings!

we're starting a new adventure together in a new apartment,
new experiences, a new name and 

the new baucom's new blog is:  BRYANDMELBAUCOM.BLOGSPOT.COM

come visit! follow us if you'd like. i can promise lots of pictures and funny experiences. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

learned wisdom.

things i've learned in the past two months....

disclaimer: the following statements may make me sound ungrateful, sarcastic or rude. it is NOT meant to be read that way... i am EXTREMELY grateful for everyone who has thrown showers, come to showers, made food for showers, given gifts and helped with wedding plans. and all those who have said congratulations. these are simply tidbits that i've learned or come to appreciate. 

1. boys do not use as much toilet paper as six girls. don't buy too much at once. 
2. aprons have become the new toaster at wedding showers, but much cuter.
3. always give gift receipts. 
4. buy things on their registry.
5. when giving gift cards, write how much it is worth. 
6. saving ribbons is a smart idea. 
7. some boys are particular about their toothbrushes, let them pick it out. 
8. finish all your thank you notes before your next shower. 
9. register at one store, then you'll be less likely to get duplicates. 
10. register for lots of things at one store. 
11. have a bathroom shower.. you need towels just as much as measuring cups. 
12. taking pictures at the temple before the wedding will make the groom happier... hopefully. 
13. if someone offers to make you a quilt, say yes. 
14. check all envelopes before tossing. 
15. take good notes when opening gifts. 
16. simply remind people what you still need. 
17. be nice to your dressmaker.
18. early RSVPs are very nice.
19. remember to register for garbage cans.
20. sometimes you just have to come to accept that dr. pepper cans are going to become a part of your decor.
21. after you've made your choices regarding flowers, decorations, invitations, wedding dresses etc... don't keep looking.
22. stick to your budget. strictly. every penny adds up and suddenly your budget is down the drain. 
23. don't cook bacon for your fiance before church, you'll smell like bacon.
24. don't pick up reading the weeks before your wedding.
25. try your hardest not to stress. though it might be impossible.
26. don't go to the temple last minute.
27. learn to take deep breaths.
28. make to do lists and use them.
29. remember that you have to pack for your honeymoon.
30. don't stress too much that you don't enjoy being engaged. 

6 days!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

8 days!

8 days! 
197 hours! 
11853 minutes!

and boy do i have a lot to do before then! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"connection successful"

I've spent my morning with a bearded fellow named Val... and after that little hour with a new friend we now have internet in our apartment! Thanks Comcast and Val! 

I love WiFi! I can blog in our living room, our kitchen, our second bedroom, our bedroom and even on the toilet if I really wanted to. Even better, I can blog stalk in all of these places without having to wait for it to load. 

Be on the look out for some fancy blogs from our high-speed, hopefully-not-too-expensive, BaucomRez, WiFi.

p.s. I started reading Nicholas Sparks books again at work when there aren't any customers (which is often. don't tell my boss). I love them! Thanks to Brianna who got me hooked! Now B really thinks I'm a nerd while I put on my glasses and read read read. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011


We have been overwhelmed with generosity lately!
I have had so many bridal showers where my car couldn't hold one more gift, which is such a blessing. Our apartment is really coming together because of these showers.
And we haven't just been overwhelmed with generosity, but overwhelmed with love and support. People at work look at my ring and explain how excited they are for us after just talking for just a few minutes. People from all over the place are asking if they can help with the plans or moving into our apartment. And some of the best parts is the advice we get from complete strangers.
We are so blessed and lucky to have such amazing friends and family!
Thank you everybody!

Today we're taking bridal/groomals (such an ugly word, don't ya think?) at my cabin. I'm so excited to see B in his suit! And SO nervous for him to see my dress... I hope he likes it! And so nervous that I'm going to get it dirty.... that might be impossible to avoid.

17 days 5 hours and 34 minutes!

Monday, June 6, 2011

a blog.

here's a blog i wrote in my head this weekend...

  • so grateful that he holds the priesthood and can be a part of the baby blessing and the blessing of our future children (waaay in the future).
  • some customers are extremely nice and patient. others think that because i am a store clerk they can walk all over me. just trying to help you sir.
  • and by the way, we don't string sticks with "twine." its string. 
  • also, if your teenage boy wants to string his stick with hot pink shooting strings.. it's ok. he's not gay. just wants to stand out. don't freak out.
  • i have the beeest friends in the world. the kind who throw the best bachelorette parties ever. thanks lovlies! 
  • it's becoming frustrating to say goodbye at night. 
  • my dress fits perfectly and i love it. i can't wait to wear it! 
  • i put all the stamps of our invitations on the wrong side of the envelope. just think of it as a new modern way to do it. (i was on a lot of medicine at the time -- my excuse). 
  • i am happier than ever. 
  • and more in love than i thought possible.